by Adam Amrani, PALA Switzerland

Noetic explosion, implosion, explosion, implosion, pulsing wildly in an arrhythmic dance. As it beats, the aware heart rejoices of its ever growing movement, guiding the dance or giving the world the lead. In the eternal choreography, each limb has to love its chaotic gestures, for they all fall in the beauty of Dance itself. It can never stop. Rest is in acceptance, not in stillness. Insight is the most precise, most self-recognizable feeling. It is at the crossroad of the many paths. Be it from in or out, it can decay or lead the next charge. For the metalhead, each particle making the world holds the potential to travel the alloy, effortlessly. In the federation of awareness, swing states are most vibrant. Namely because rigidness has to be bathed in love to show its colors. As wide as your metal self can be, even if it stretches beyond what the eye can see, leptons still roam free, abutting, phasing through your valence. Perfection lies beyond itself, for a crystal is not alive.

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