2022-2023 IPN Leadership Roles & Responsibilities

Leadership Applications Are Currently Closed


  • Build high-impact programming for students interested in academic/professional psychedelia.

  • Gain experience in the psychedelic ecosystem while developing leadership and technical skills.

  • Access more networking opportunities.

  • Gain experience in nonprofit management.


  • Volunteer ~5 hours per week on IPN projects, programs, meetings, or operations.

  • Participate in 2 days of virtual onboarding in the fall.

  • Attend an annual in-person retreat (not required, but highly encouraged!)

Leadership roles are broken down by team into Director or Coordinator positions. Directors lead teams and serve on the IPN Board of Directors, while Coordinators act as Officers. Please visit our General Structure and read our Leadership Application Guide below for details.

Teams, Directors, and Coordinators

Scroll the page or click on each image below to learn more about available leadership positions within each team.
*Notes: (1) Coordinators may fill multiple roles based on interviews, (2) areas denoted as Director can have Coordinators from any Team.

Internal Operations

IPN Labs

Strategic Planning



Community Engagement



Internal Operations (Director)


  • Facilitate internal meetings.

  • Serve as Liaison to the Board of Advisors.

  • Maintain updated timeline of IPN events/operations.

  • Serve as Liason to the Alumni Board (TBD).

  • Manage the annual IPN Leadership Retreat.

  • Produce and compile the Annual Impact Report.


  • Leadership Retreat Coordinator: Coordinate the annual IPN Leadership Retreat, i.e. design the itinerary, delegate tasks during the retreat, etc.

  • Onboarding, Recruitment, and Elections Coordinator: Coordinate the outreach and recruitment for new leadership, and the onboarding process

IPN Labs


  • IPN Labs is a new initiative to provide the IPN Community with regular, high-quality Journal Clubs, Academic Seminars, Professional/Career Development Workshops, and Network Opportunities.


  • Seminar Coordinator: Organize, schedule, and invite speakers across disciplines to share scholarship and teach the IPN community. 

  • Journal Club Coordinator: Organize journal club with scheduling, invitations, facilitating/organizing facilitators and providing relevant materials in advance. 

  • Workshop Coordinator: Organize, promote, and facilitate (or delegate facilitation of) professional development workshops e.g., mock interviews, effective communication, PhD programs, etc. 

  • Resource and Opportunity Manager: Cultivate professional development resources on Discord and the website. Develop an IPN Job Board for Academic/Research opportunities (lab technician, summer undergraduate research opportunities, graduate student openings, etc).

  • Book Club Coordinator: Organize, schedule, and poll members on book preferences, and facilitate engaging book clubs.

Strategic Planning (Director)


  • Develop new mutually beneficial partnerships with academic, non-profit, and industry institutions to further IPN’s mission.

  • Drive IPN’s growth and development into new domains.

  • Cultivate IPN’s presence across the psychedelic ecosystem.


  • Conference Partnership Coordinator: Coordinate IPN’s presence at external conferences and events.

  • Hyphae Development Coordinator: Coordinate with Hyphae and potential Hyphae to form a sustainable, interdependent network across Universities and Colleges.



  • PsychedelX is an annual, virtual student idea incubator, talk competition, and conference which platforms novel and impactful student ideas around the world. Check out PsychedelX 2022 and 2023 – Help us make PsychedelX 2024 the best yet!


  • PsychedelX External Coordination: Judge outreach, recruit Talk Creation Coaches, Develop onboarding for talk creation coaches, Develop the initial and final judging criteria.

  • PsychedelX Chief Programming Coordinator: Create the professional development, science communication, and career development curriculum, resources, and programming for the PsychedelX Process.

  • PsychedelX Programming Assistant Coordinator: Coordinate with and support the Chief Programming Coordinator. 

  • PsychedelX Chief Conference Coordinator: Manage the actual PsychedelX Conference, Schedule, Keynotes, Workshops, and any other live-sessions. 

  • PsychedelX Chief Participant Coordinator: Develop the applications, Application outreach, Develop application review process, find prizes for participants, Participant communications.

  • PsychedelX Participant Assistant Coordinator: Coordinate with and support the Chief Participant Coordinator. 

Community Engagement


  • Engage the IPN Spore (Member) community with educational, wellness, social, and career exploration activities.

  • Cultivate relationships between Spores across the IPN Network!


  • Educational Events Coordinator: Educational lectures, panels, and discussions around a variety of topics (i.e. Community partners as guest speakers, guide to mushroom foraging, Psychonautic topics) 

  • Wellness Events Coordinator:  Integration circles, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, harm reduction and all things having to do with wellness holistically.

  • Social Events Coordinator: Organize events to bring people together for engaging discussions and interactions, such as Shoot the Shitake, open mic nights, and virtual dance parties.

  • Career Opportunity Networking Coordinator: Develop job board for non-academic opportunities (work closely with IPN Labs) and CV/Resume depository for spores.  

  • Career Webinar Series Coordinator: Coordinate the (non-academic) career exploration webinar series.



  • Manages IPN reach and impact through social media and other forms of content creation.

  • Responsible for overseeing graphic design, website development, and multi-media content generation. Provide final approval for external content.


  • PsychedelX Media Coordinator (Liaison): Create original graphics for initiatives, ensure consistent branding, serve as copywriter,, facilitates IPN’s social media presence in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc. for all PsychedelX initiatives.

  • IPN Labs Media Coordinator (Liaison): Create original graphics for initiatives, ensure consistent branding, serve as copywriter,, facilitates IPN’s social media presence in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc. for all IPN Labs initiatives.
  • Community Engagement Media Coordinator (Liaison): Create original graphics for initiatives, ensure consistent branding, serve as copywriter,, facilitates IPN’s social media presence in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc. for all Community Engagement initiatives.
  • Website Coordinator:  Build and manage the IPN website and members’ only page.

  • Newsletter Coordinator: Manage and produce the monthly newsletter and weekly email updates.

  • Blog Coordinator: Manage and produce the website blog.

  • Store and Sales Coordinator: Monitor sales, warehouse excess merchandise, orchestrate merchandise creation and design, coordinate shipping for orders.

Coin (Director)


  • Manage all financial aspects of IPN operations, including fundraising, developing financial sponsorships, and accounting. 


  • Accounting Coordinator: Manage budget, create financial reports, audit and review financial assets regularly, provide feasibility analysis to new programs based on cost / profit margins.

  • Revenue Coordinator: Create comprehensive revenue / fundraising calendar, establish connections that result in either donations ($ for no exchange) or sponsorship ($ for deliverables).

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